The distance (2) between the nut and the edge of the guitar above the strap button must be within the interval 84.5-86.7 cm. Measure from the point that is marked in (1).

The scale length of the guitar, as defined in the figure below, needs to be within the range 63-67cm (23.5″-26.5″).

The space to the left side of the pin must be enough to keep a string resting on the stable. Try this with a free string to be sure.

Your guitar needs to have a strap button for the shoulderband, since HARPAD is mounted with a lace around it.

The width of the bridge needs to be less than 18.5 cm according to the image below.

The distance between the center of the high and the low E-string must be less than 40 mm.

The stable (1) must be the highest point of the bridge. In rare cases the bridge rises above the stable somewhere inside the greymarked ellipse.